Biolytes - Water Enhancer

Our flagship product, Biolytes is Singapore’s best water system! Shipped from Korea and approved by many water quality associations, your drinking water will never taste the same again.

BMag - Sleep Better

Fight insomnia with BMag, your companion for better sleep and sleep health! Prevent ailments and fight chronic illnesses even when you lay down in bed, with the product that promises your sweet dreams and better health!

Career Opportunities

Discover fulfilling careers and part-time jobs with us at Bio-globe Singapore! With a close-knit team of friends and colleagues, we motivate and carve each other’s paths for our ambitions and aspirations!



Singapore's Smartest Water Purifier

Our flagship product, Biolytes is Singapore’s best water filtration system! Shipped from Korea and approved by many water quality associations, your drinking water will never taste the same again.



At Bio-globe, we’re continuously trying to refine our products with certifications and acknowledgement from reputable parties. We take pride in the awards and adoration for our products – these are just but a few of our proud achievements.

Biolytes Sold
The Widest Popularity!
BMags Sold
With the Sweetest Dreams
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Mr Kit Tan
Founder, CEO
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Bio-globe's Founder

“Talent management is a long-forgotten key to company success. At Bio-Globe Singapore; instead of just managing talents, I prefer to grow them.”

Kit Tan is the principal architect, visionary leader for Bio-Globe Singapore. Backed with more than 15 years of experience in the wellness distribution industry, he aims to bring Bio-Globe products and services to your door step.

Kit Tan had previously worked with many companies, locally and overseas. His areas of expertise is in strategic thinking and top management consultancy. These companies have since moved on towards revenues of more than 50 million dollars.

Career Opportunities

Here at Bioglobe, we offer opportunities for individuals that are seeking to build their careers alongside flexible work schemes and supportive work culture.

Coaching & Guidance
Customised Career Plan

Every individual will be groomed and grouped into teams that would be spearheaded by hardworking team leaders. Each would receive equal attention and focus to ensure and instill confidence within themselves.

Business Tools & Training
Equipped for Success

On top of personal guidance, training and work courses are provided for our members. This ensures that our businessmen and women are supplied with knowledge and the necessary skills to fulfill their jobscope.

Healthy Work Culture
Be a Happy Worker!

Outings & team-bonding experiences are plenty when you join us at Bio-globe. Meet people you’ll cherish & appreciate down the path of your career.

Listen to our Customers!

We value feedback and comments about our products. Have one? Send it to us! See more on our facebook page!

testimonial author
Ever since my granddaughter bought Biolytes, life has become more convenient. I can make my coffee/milo any time without boiling water first. Because now I can take water anytime, I drink plain water more often. It taste nice and is smoother down the throat.
Mr Chua
Biolytes Customer
testimonial author
I got Biolytes and after using it, I think it’s really practical and convenient to use. The hot and cold functions are also reasons why I like the current water system that I’m using, Biolytes.
Ms Devi
Biolytes Customer
testimonial author
I decided to get the sleeping system for my parents because they have several conditions, and I thought of benefiting them. I have an old injury on my lower back from a fall many years ago. I only need to leave the product on for 30 minutes and I see a significant difference.
Ms Tay
BMag Customer

Looking for Us?

At Bio-globe, we grant a listening ear for anyone with enquiries or concerns regarding our products and our organisation.

Office Address: 114 Lavender Street 07-50/51 , CT HUB 2 Singapore 338729

Phone: (65) 6386 0811

Email: helpdesk@bio-globe.com.sg

What We're Up To!

Catch up on the latest news of our company here! Be it organisation events, team building exercises or just a get together, you can read all about it!

The Amazing Effects of Water!

  Bioglobe Singapore is a company which manufactures the best water filtration systems and solutions. Bioglobe endeavours to provide fresh, clean and healthy water to more people every day. The


We bring in the year of the rooster with some steak, chicken, chips, ribs and desserts!


Besides a healthy lifestyle with at Bioglobe Singapore and Biolytes, we encourage a healthy and fulfilling career. We continuously recognise and reward hardwork, forging a path of great pride and



We welcome anyone and all from all walks of life to join our team at Bio-globe Singapore!