Benefits of Direct Selling

What is it?

The term Direct Selling represents a legitimate method of selling of goods to a consumer beyond the confines of a retail environment such as a physical store. These transactions can even be done at home, from door to door or even your work spaces. This removes any middle men that might be encountered in a traditional purchase such as a wholesale or goods distribution centre.

Most Direct Sales brings the products from the manufacturer straight to consumer

through a sales person or company they represent. Usually a catalogue is utilized by the customer to select the products they desire and the direct seller is contacted for the order to be placed.

The sales person who conducts the Direct Selling can also present their products to individuals, (i.e 1 to 1) or towards a group. This is called Single Level Direct Sales. The sales person can conduct product demonstrations at a set location and invite prospective customers to observe and to eventually persuade them to purchase their products in the long run. The products can extend to businesses such as office supplies and other company necessities.

Why is direct selling popular?

The great thing about Direct Sales is that you can utilize it for your own should you have a home based business. Instead of getting products from a manufacturer or supplier, you may be producing your own goods or a service. Through this method of direct selling, you can then bring your service or product to interested customers as an individual or even a business themselves.

Direct Selling can be a highly rewarding prospect through efficient planning and execution. Your profits depend on your own efforts through the commission made by the Direct Sales, together with those from your own recruited team of sales people.

The initial cost for a salesperson engaging in Direct Selling are usually capped at a low value. Most require a mandatory sales kit to get started, without an extensive inventory or monetary commitments.

The Benefits of Direct Sales

When it comes to Direct Sales, there are numerous perks which can help stand out in a fast paced and challenging society.

What most generic office workers feel hard done by is the uncertainty and the lack of work life balance. As most are being caged by 9-5 office hours, Direct Sales can help bypass this through allowing you to be self employed. Meaning, you choose your own schedules which help you better manage your personal and professional life. There is a greater sense of freedom that can allow you to adjust your work and social life accordingly.

Even your income is not a fixed salary like most companies. In fact, your earnings are up to your own efforts and opportunities gathered from the Direct Sales. That is, you reap the rewards from your own efforts.

The products involved in Direct Sales do not sell themselves, which is why through their experience those in Direct Sales can efficiently explain and upsell them in person. This allows a more personal touch that can allow a better customer relationship to develop that would be highly beneficial in future deals. But how efficient you are in this can also depend on the training given which is provided by the company in charge.

Comprehensive training with proven methods will ensure even those with little to no experience in the industry can excel. This coupled with soft skills such as customer relations and communication can allow one in Direct Sales to make vast strides in the industry.

Of which at a certain point in this career, one can then also enlist others under their wing. At this point, the earnings from the Direct Sales received can also increase with more members being recruited. When done right, this can increase your earnings exponentially, which is potentially a great incentive to do so.

How Direct Sales is effective

However, as mentioned a strong and comfortable relationship with the customer would be highly beneficial in order to generate the most effective number of sales. By gaining the trust and fostering a good relationship with them, this can effectively allow the benefits of the products being sold to be recommended to others through the word of mouth.

According to a Nielsen study:

Trusting recommendations in products and services from family members, colleagues and friends rank highly in 84% of consumers. This shows how a good relationship with the initial customer can allow the sales person to gather more sales through further recommendations.


This is similarly supported by a statistic that 74% of consumers do view recommendations through word of mouth largely as the reason for their decision to follow through with their purchase. This further establishes the value of word of mouth which is effectively built through a good customer relationship which can highly benefit anyone in Direct Selling.

At BioGlobe, our members reap the benefits of their own hard work through their Direct Selling efforts throughout the year. With many great relationships fostered and skills picked up along the way, many have not only achieved their dreams, but also surpassed them. There are no investment or mandatory start-up fee required when compared to many other related companies, thus increasing the benefits and success ratio.

If you think you wish to make a change in your life today. Get in touch with us. And allow us to show you a future you never thought possible.