Bio Globe Singapore Introduces Biolytes: Singapore’s Smartest Water

Should You Be Drinking Alkaline Water?

Why are more and more people starting to drink alkaline water? Is it not the same as regular drinking water? On the surface, it may look the same, but alkaline water is different down to the last molecule.

The main difference is the hydrogen ion content within the alkaline water, which causes it to be, alkaline. When a substance is alkaline, it is measured on the scale of potential Hydrogen, or the pH scale. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, with pH1 being highly acidic and pH14 being extremely alkaline. Alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular drinking water.

But having said all that, does alkaline water actually work? First, there is generally no harm to drinking alkaline water. A study has shown that alkaline water as high as pH8.8 can reduce the symptoms of acid reflux, which dulls the effects of the enzyme pepsin, which accumulates when food is digested to break down the proteins within it. Another study has suggested that drinking alkaline water has seeming benefits for conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Still, users of alkaline water need to understand that it’s meant for general maintenance and improvement of health, and the results may vary from person to person.


What are the different alkaline water systems available?


In nature, water becomes alkaline when it passes over rocks, picking up the deposited minerals, increasing its alkalinity.

However, the most common type of alkaline water system makes use of ionisers to produce alkaline water. This is done through a chemical process called electrolysis, where electricity passes through water to separate molecules that are more acidic or more alkaline. The alkaline water is for consumption, and the acidic water is channelled out.

However, consumers should not just base on pH level alone to determine the quality of water. It is highly recommended that alkaline water should also contain alkaline minerals. World Health Organization advises to not drink water with no or low mineral content in the long run.

The most distinct and impressive feature that sets Bio Globe Singapore’s Biolytes apart from other brands and technology is that it enriches your drinking water with ionised calcium and other essential, beneficial minerals. Thus this is why we term Biolytes as a water enhancer, one notch above typical water systems. 


Why choose Bio Globe Singapore’s Biolytes?


Here at Bio Globe Singapore, we firmly believe in health being the utmost importance in life. Hence we are proud to be the official distributor of Biolytes, Singapore’s Smartest Water.

Using patented technology to produce ionised calcium and providing other beneficial minerals at the same time, Biolytes is an effective and convenient way to boost your mineral intake. Its smart, innovative features also allow your water supply to be converted into easy to absorb micro-clustered water.

Once converted, it significantly increases the absorbing efficiency of the water you consume, boosting your energy and metabolism.

Due to its alkalinity, the alkaline water can also be used to dampen the blood’s acidity. This results of lowering the acidity can give the person a boost in energy and metabolism through the increased oxygen levels. Alkaline water can also benefit the body’s physiology. It can, in turn, reinvigorate skin, improving their overall outlook to be more youthful. This improvement shows the antioxidative properties that come with alkaline water while boosting the overall health and immunity as well.

With the built-in 4 Stage Bio Filter system and real-time UV sterilisation, Bio Globe Singapore’s Biolytes ensures all residual molecules and harmful bacteria are effectively removed.

With Bio Globe Singapore, you can feel and live your best and Biolytes has you covered. It is easy as a push of a button, to reenergise your bodies with quality, bacteria-free water to your liking, at your convenience.

Exclusive to Bio Globe Singapore, Biolytes is your no.1 source of quality, bacteria-free water that has been trusted and recommended by families all over Singapore.