Bio Globe Singapore introduces BMag Sleeptech:
A Magnet based therapy, one of the top alternative healing trends

As Bio Globe Singapore introduces our latest line of BMag series products, let us first visit the history of Magnet Based therapy and how it is useful in providing pain relief.

The use of magnets for medical purposes have stretched way back in history. Even in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra had donned a form of magnetic stone as part of her jewellery in an effort to maintain her youthful looks and slow down the effects of ageing. Magnets have been utilized as a radical form of treatment throughout human history, together with other methods such as acupuncture and herb-based treatments. Over time, magnets being used for medical purposes have become a billion-dollar industry around the world.

However, despite their popularity, magnets have still met doubts. This is especially when dubious distributors have pushed magnet-based therapies and treatments as being an all-encompassing remedy to various conditions and health issues, and when shady organizations have falsely declared the magical healing properties of the magnets. Some have even over-claimed that magnets can treat conditions such as cancer, AIDS and other illnesses.

However, in recent years, sufficient scientific proof and backing have slowly recognized magnet-based therapy as a legitimate form of medical treatment. It is immensely popular among the array of alternative healing therapies and is also becoming more mainstream. Some hospitals have adopted magnet-based treatment to aid in pain management and even dental procedures that involved the shifting of teeth and promoting their bone growth and development.

Despite all these, consumers must still understand that magnet-based therapy is a form of alternative healing to promote maintenance and improvement of health, and not to be misunderstood as a cure or to substitute traditional medical treatments. In addition, the results of magnet-based therapy do vary from case to case. The results may not be identical to what it was first made out to be.

However, most of the effects of the said magnetic treatments are highly similar in terms of their ability to curb the discomfort felt by the patient.

Effectiveness of Magnet based therapy through Bio Globe’s BMag Sleeptech

Studies and research have led to further discoveries that prove the effectiveness of magnets for specific treatments. The use of magnets or electromagnets has been found to have properties that can alleviate pain and stimulate wound recovery.

In line with the unique features and benefits of Magnet based therapy, Bio Globe’s BMag magnetic mattress works similarly, with numerous testimonials from Bio Globe’s BMag users reporting positive feedback and results after experiencing the product for themselves.

One benefit of Bio Globe’s BMag Sleeptech magnetic mattress is to encourage deep, restorative sleep. Positive results have been seen in customers who experienced insomnia, which leads them to be light sleepers. However, ever since implementing Bio Globe Singapore’s BMag Sleeptech magnetic mattress in their sleeping habits, their insomnia condition improves, and they enjoy better quality sleep throughout the night.

This experience is a massive indication of the positive implications and bodily reactions to said magnet-based therapy.

A significant study conducted by researchers at the University of Virginia includes magnetic mattress pads not too dissimilar to those from Bio Globe’s line of BMag series products. This study took subjects who had a condition called fibromyalgia, which causes the person to suffer chronically painful muscles and tissues. The use of magnetic mattress pads was effective in relieving them of these symptoms after repeated use over six months. This is also one of the many benefits Bio Globe’s BMag can offer to consumers that suffer from discomfort in their bodies.

By improving the body’s circulation, Bio Globe Singapore’s BMag magnetic mattress works on reducing aches, pain and inflammation. Many customers of Bio-Globe have raved at how Bio Globe’s BMag magnetic mattress has helped them to significantly reduce existing problems of backaches, stiff shoulders, leg cramps and more. Some even feedback their pain disappears after some time of usage. These results help many of them to save on their finance for pain treatments that they used to frequent. 


Other positive effects of magnet-based therapy


An FDA approved, non-drug treatment method called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has found a breakthrough in the treating of depression.

This procedure revolves around the use of a magnetic field generated through a coil. By placing this coil upon the patient’s forehead, the brain can benefit from a small electric current that flows through the coil. For patients diagnosed with depression, the left prefrontal cortex region of the brain is said to be subdued. This is where magnetic stimulation can be used as a remedy.

It has been readily compared to other similar treatment procedures such as Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) which would require electric currents to be administered straight to the patient’s brain. The use of TMS has proven to be much more benefits without the potential side effects that ECT has, despite its effectiveness.

TMS makes do without a potential bout of short term memory loss or temporarily affecting the patient’s cognitive capacity. Its whole premise has been predicted to stimulate the more sluggish nerve cells in that region of the brain.


Why choose Bio Globe’s BMag Sleeptech?


All round, positive health effects which eventually help save a lot more money, in the long run, is possible with Bio Globe’s BMag Sleeptech mattress.

Bio Globe’s Sleeptech mattress offers one of the best warranty periods as compared to many retailers in the market.     

Bio Globe Singapore’s BMag Sleeptech is a non-invasive and convenient alternative treatment that can potentially address an array of consumers’ health concerns, including physical and emotional.