Biolytes Water Enhancer by BioGlobe Singapore: Singapore’s Most Trusted Water Enhancing System


More than just a usual water purifier on the market, Biolytes Water Enhancer, designed by BioGlobe, enhances your daily drinking water with Japanese patented mineral technology! A concentration of patented ionic calcium minerals in our water filter is what makes Biolytes Water Enhancer unique and high in quality.

How does water get treated in our BioGlobe’s Biolytes Water Enhancer?

BioGlobe’s Biolytes Water Enhancer uses a 4 step filtration and enhancement process, together with a real-time UV sterilizer, to ensure the safest and highest quality drinking water for you and your loved ones.

The first filter removes the larger particle foreign materials like dirt and rust. The second filter removes chemicals like chlorine and carcinogens, as well as odour. The third filter enhances the water’s alkalinity and overall quality by infusing it with essential, beneficial minerals and beneficial ORP levels. The last stage filter removes excess balance sediments.

A real-time UV sterilization device is installed before the water outlet to provide maximum hygiene before your consumption. Biolytes Water Enhancer also uses Bio-Nano Technology to convert your drinking water into micro-clustered water, which accelerates hydration for your body.

What are the health benefits of BioGlobe’s Biolytes Water Enhancer?

Beneficial Properties of Biolytes Water:

1) Micro Clustered Water

2) Energized Water

3) Anti-Oxidation, Anti-Aging

4) Alkaline, pH 7.5 and above

5) Anti-Bacterial, Disinfecting Effect

6) Rich in Essential, Beneficial Minerals

The Japanese patented mineral technology provides much-needed minerals to your body, boosting your immune system and allowing your body system to perform at an optimal state. These minerals are often lacking in people’s diets or absorbed at a lower rate.

A concentration of the ionic calcium minerals also helps to rejuvenate your body with natural energy and slows down the damage of your cells due to aging. The ionic calcium minerals provide alkalinity that can be useful to cleanse your body and boost immunity. With micro-clustered water, the taste and absorption of your drinking water significantly improves, hydrating your body more efficiently.

With Bio-Globe Singapore’s Biolytes Water Enhancer, you experience quality water and better health! Taste the difference for yourself today!

BioGlobe Singapore: Complementary Medical Association Approved Supplier