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Enjoy quality water.

Dimensions: (W) 300mm X (D) 420mm X (H) 520mm
Weight: 17kg
Capacity: 5.2L (Cold Water 3.7ℓ Hot Water 1.5ℓ)
Display: Cock Lever Lighting PCB
Motor Power Consumption: 95 Watts
Heater Power Consumption: 350~400 Watts
Rated Voltage: AC 220~240V / 50~60Hz (Energy saving!)
Enhancer Method: 4 Stage Hollow Fibre Membrane with Enhanced Minerals

Available Colour(s): Ivory White

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A Healthier Lifestyle

Product features

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Water on Another Level
Never taste water the same way again
Biolytes converts tap water into micro-clustered water. This means water is easily absorbed by your cells – elevating and speeding up the hydrating effects for your body. Your water is also energised, providing natural energy to rejuvenate your body.
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Convenient Features
For the Busy & Important
With Hot & Cold instant water dispensers, Biolytes bring nothing but convenience and great water for its households. Our machines also come with child safety locks, preventing any silly mishaps.
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Ultra Violet Sterilisation
Lab Tested, 99.9% Removal of Bacteria
With a 2-Stage sterilisation procedure of your water, your drinking water will be kept pure and bacteria-free. Confirmed by 5 major bacteria sterilisation tests performed by the Korean Environment & Water Works Institute and with purification performance checks.
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More than just Purification.

Real-time UV sterilisation, killing 99.9% bacteria
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Bio-Filter 1
Min 3,000 Litres
Removes foreign materials such as dirt, soil, and rust (more than 5 microns).
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Bio-Filter 2
Min. 3,000 Litres
Removes residual chlorine, agricultural chemicals, carcinogenic substances, and absorbs offensive odour.
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Bio-Filter 3
Min 10,000 Liters
Enhances water alkalinity with beneficial minerals and micro clustered water molecules with beneficial ORP level.
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Bio-Filter 4
Min 6,000 Liters
Absorbs remaining gas ingredients, smell and chlorine.
Take your first step to a healthier lifestyle, with Biolytes.
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