BMag – Sleep Peacefully Again.

Sweeter Dreams, Better Health!

Sizes (L*B): King (198cm x 191cm), Queen (198cm x 147cm), Single (183cm x 91cm), Pillow Pads (48cm x 33cm)

No. of Magnets: King (500), Queen (400), Single (250), Pillow Pads (50)

Material: Permanent Anistropic Hard Ferrite

Strength of BMag: 1,000 Gauss, Tolerance of 5%

Placement of BMag: Bio-North Faced Up

Trimming: 100% Cotton

1st Layer: Silver-Threaded Brocade Material
2nd Layer: Polyoplene Non Waved Fabric
3rd Layer: Polyester Padding
4th Layer: Polyoplene Non Waved Fabric
5th Layer: Permanent Anistropics Hard Ferrite Magnet
6th Layer: Polyoplene Non Waved Fabric
7th Layer: Polyester Padding
8th Layer: Polyoplene Non Waved Fabric

These layers are also anti-bacterial and anti-dust mite.

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With Better Sleep Comes Better Health

Product features

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Improved Quality of Sleep
Wake Up Fresh & Re-Energised
BMag encourages deep, restorative sleep. Hence, preventing & treating insomnia – ensuring you a good night’s rest all the time.
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Muscle & Body Aches Relief
Feel Lighter & Relaxed
BMag works your body circulation, reducing inflammation whilst promoting muscle relaxation. This alleviates existing conditions of body or muscle aches and pains.
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Better Body Recovery & Body Detoxification
Absorb Better Minerals, Remove Harmful Substances
The sleep system supports natural healing – reducing and dissolving fatty or calcium deposits. BMag also induces better absorption of oxygen & minerals in the blood stream; increasing cellular oxygen.
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For Adults & Children
Protect your body from the harmful effects of radiation with BMag!
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State-of-the-Art Sleep Tech
Be astounded with a product built with multiple technologies
Combining Negative Ions, Bio-North Magnetic Therapy, Far-infrared Red Technology & Anti-radiation – these features make up BMag, a powerful multi-utility to enhance your life.

How does BMag work?

The Science of Magnetic Field Energy

As a proven technology, ferrite Bio-North magnets found within the layers of BMag charges the mineral ions in our blood, upon prolonged contact against the surface of our body. This enhances blood circulation. The separation of blood cells increases the available surface area, allowing the cells to receive more oxygen & release more energy.

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What are Bio-North Magnets?
Not your Ordinary Magnet
The polarities of BMag’s Bio-North magnets are indicated differently compared to a normal magnet. The north polarity of a Bio-North magnet carries the same polarity of the Earth’s north polarity. Hence, the N-indicated side of a normal magnet will align itself towards the North pole of a Bio-North magnet.

What is the Gauss Rating?

The Gauss rating measures the amount of magnetic energy stored within a magnet.

Normal Magnets – 5 to 10 Gauss

Medical Magnets – 550 Gauss and Above (BMag is 1,000 Gauss!)

BMag Bio-North Magnets – 1,000 Gauss

Medical magnets are proven by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to have no health risks.

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Take your first step towards better sleep & health, with BMag.
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