Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1. Does Bio-globe Singapore hold any relations, past or present, with any other organisations/entities?

No, Bio-globe Singapore does not have relations with any other MLM brands or businesses.

2. Is Bio-globe an old business but with a different name?

No. Bio-globe is a new company by itself – with new members and new values.

3. Is Bio-globe Singapore a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company?

Yes, we are up-front on being an MLM company. However we urge visitors to be aware of the differences between MLM & pyramid selling. We do not run parallel with pyramid schemes.

We are also under an MLM exclusion order by the Singapore government, hence, we hold the same license as insurance companies. Read more about the legislation here.

4. Is Bio-Globe Singapore Pte Ltd formally Premier Pure Pte Ltd? Is it a change of name or address?

Bio-Globe Singapore Pte Ltd would like to clarify that we are not Premier Pure Pte Ltd – it is not a change of name and address. Bio-Globe Singapore is a new startup with no affiliations with any companies. We’d like to address this as we understand the confusion due to us also dealing with a similar range products.

However, we would like to disclose that there are former Premier Pure distributors in the company. We have accepted & are accepting members who has been practicing good direct selling habits, including others who conduct their businesses hardworkingly & passionately. If there are exclamations that by accepting members from these companies would directly mean we are representing it; we feel that this is unjust & biased.

If you are a disgruntled former distributor, employee or customer of Premier Pure – we would like to apologise on their behalf as we understand that organisations of this industry may be the black sheep that convenes bad business practices.

Bio-Globe Singapore is proud of our operations in Singapore and have proudly uphold proper business ethics. If there are any issues that our members might have raised, caused any confusion or unpleasant feelings – do contact us directly so that we can look into it.

We would be willingly to clarify face to face if there is still any questions on your part. We might not be able to satisfy whatever you want but as a local startup we do appreciate your feedback and sincerely hope for your understanding.

Have questions that are left unanswered?

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