How Does Alkaline Water Benefit Us?

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As the main component of our bodies’ composition is water, water itself is essential to all our life processes. From regulating our body temperature, flushing out toxins to aiding the digestive process, it is clear that we need water to survive.

Then the question beckons: Since water is so essential to our well being, shouldn’t we drink the best kind for our bodies? Is alkaline water really necessary as compared to regular water?

What is it?

First we have to establish what alkaline water or antioxidant water really is. As the name says, alkaline water contains a pH value that exceeds 7, which is that of normal drinking water. Alkaline water can be beneficial to your bodies as excess amounts of acidity can be detrimental to one’s health. Thus this alkaline content in your water can be used to neutralize the acidity to flush out any toxins that may be present.

How does it benefit us?


The presence of antioxidants would create a favourable environment to slow the body’s natural aging process. This would in turn neutralize the free radicals present that would stimulate aging and the contracting of disease as well. The drinking of antioxidant rich water can deter this process whilst keeping the consumer youthful and radiant.

The importance of alkalinity in our bodies

Having said that, it is still important to find the right balance for our bodies. The consumption of purified alkaline water can counteract the acid build up within our bodies. This can mainly be due to the stress of our everyday lives, as well as our own diets and the poor choices of food that we make. Thus this can boost the strength of your immune system to protect against illnesses and the like.

Body Detox

As mentioned, our digestive system can benefit greatly from alkaline based water. In fact it can cleanse our digestive tract by flushing out toxins. An example is the unhealthy processed food that we consume on a daily basis that can cause a build up of fat and plaque to line the colon.

This alkaline water can keep organs like the colon clean to prevent any occurrence of colon diseases. By clearing the plaque build up, we can better absorb the more essential nutrients once the colon has been properly cleared and the toxins flushed out.

Body Hydration

One of the obvious and most basic functions of water is to hydrate our bodies. However what sets alkaline based water apart from normal drinking water is the size of the water molecules. Such micro clustered water molecules allows them to be easily absorbed through the cell walls which makes the hydration of our bodies faster and much more efficient.

This is a process which is efficiently carried out by Biolytes’ Smart Water System. It contains stages of micro Bio filters to remove any residual contaminants or harmful bacteria through 2 stages of a sterilization process. Through these different bio filters, it similarly enhances the water alkalinity with beneficial minerals. This effectively gives you a source of clean and pure water which have been rigidly tested by Korean industry experts.

Biolytes’ Smart Water System


That is due to Hydration being a crucial process that we require to perform our daily tasks and carry out bodily functions. What’s more, the water actually tastes better than the average drinking water, where its slightly sweeter tinge would leave you wanting for more.

For consumers of alkaline water, the difference initially is as clear as night and day. The benefits of consuming it covers many aspects where many of which are beneficial to our bodies’ daily functions in the long run. So, what’s not to love?