How Does Magnetic Mattress Pads Work?

The Importance Of Sleep

There is a reason why it is called “Beauty Sleep”. Without sleep, it can affect your health and make you look drained and haggard. Besides physiological effects, it can also influence your social relationships as your mood and overall state of mind is diminished. Even missing a single night’s worth of sleep can have adverse effects the next day as you struggle to perform at work.

Your mental sharpness and capacity will be diminished, thus reducing your efficiency. Studies have shown a sharp drop in memory after just 1 night without sleep. Even your physical health is not spared.

The lack of sleep can be caused by a number of reasons. Most commonly, the presence of aches and pain throughout the body can cause people to lose up to 20 hours of sleep every month. This is amounts to a staggering 3 full nights of sleep lost! As a person ages, the presence of bodily aches such as arthritis can be one of the most glaring causes of sleep loss.

The importance of the Earth’s magnetic field

With something as massive as the Earth’s magnetic field, it is actually crucial in maintaining the electromagnetic balance of a human being’s bodily systems.

However, scientists have been able to determine that the strength of the Earth Magnetic Field has been in a severe decline over the last thousand years. It has been calculated that the magnetic strength of Earth has dropped by a staggering 1000%, from 4 gauss to a mere 0.4 gauss today.

Having said all that, we must also know how it can affect the human’s body. Here is how:

Its effect on humans

The advent of technology including steel based objects and structures such as motor vehicles and buildings has been found to absorb the magnetic field of the Earth. This would similarly diminish the life forms on it as well.

As quick as this decrease as occurred, many scientists believe humans as a species have not been able to adapt at the same rate. This in turn caused the increase in illnesses being contracted.


An official term for this has been coined by leading biomagnetic scientist, Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa, called magnetic deficiency syndrome. This largely cause the person to experience aches and stiffness in the shoulders, back and neck. Headaches and chest pains are also common, with experiencing difficulty to sleep also being one of the effects of this ailment.

If left unchecked this can lead to several sicknesses in the long run, such as reduced immunity against infections and toxic substances. This also further diminishes the body’s natural ability to heal and fight off these infections.

To remedy this, Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa has recommended utilizing mattress paddings that supplements the existing magnetic field provided from the Earth and the body itself. The studies he conducted has shown effective improvement in the patients observed.

The benefits included alleviating pain and aches, whilst giving them improved sleep. These benefits are also brought through BioGlobe’s line of BMag Magnetic Mattress pads, with similar results seen among satisfied customers over the years. Overall positive results were gathered which paints a promising purpose for magnetic based therapy and treatments as well. 

Improving the overall quality of sleep is the end goal which magnetic mattress pads such as those from BMag can be great for. By getting better and more quality sleep, it can boost the overall health of the user while keeping aches and lethargy at bay.