Should You Be Drinking Alkaline Water ?

Why are more and more people starting to drink alkaline water? Is it not the same as regular tap water?

On the surface, it may look the same but alkaline water is actually different down to the last molecule. The main difference is the hydrogen ion content within the alkaline water which causes it to be, alkaline.

When a substance is alkaline, it is measured on scale of potential Hydrogen, or the pH scale. With 14 ratings, alkaline water is rated above the neutral value of 7, just like regular tap water. Acidic substances are conversely below that threshold. 

But having said all that the question is, does it really work? Studies have shown that alkaline water as high as 8.8 on the pH scale can reduce the symptoms of acid reflux. This dulls the effects of the enzyme pepsin, which accumulates when food is digested to break down the proteins within it.

So just how to we obtain this alkaline water? Methods such as water filters, faucet attachments and adding certain minerals that would increase the pH of the water are commonly used.

One of the best ways to do so is through water purification systems such as Biolytes’ Smart Water Dispenser.

Its smart innovative features allow your water supply to be converted into easy to absorb micro-clustered water.

This greatly increases the absorbing efficiency of the water you consume, boosting your energy and metabolism.

What’s more, it includes the added bonus of Ultra Violet Sterilization that purifies your water as tested by the Korean Environment & Water Works Institute. Its multiple layers of filtration further removes any residual molecules and harmful bacteria, to effectively give you the best water your body deserves.

Due to its alkalinity, the alkaline water can also be used to dampen the blood’s acidity. This can give the person a boost in energy and metabolism through the increasing oxygen levels.

Alkaline water can also benefit the body’s physiology. It can in turn reinvigorate skin, improving their overall outlook to be more youthful. This shows the anti oxidative properties that comes with alkaline water while boosting the overall health and immunity as well.

With the numerous benefits that comes along, Alkaline water is definitely a refreshing source of rehydration filled with benefits that would improve the consumer’s overall daily lifestyle.