Is the concept of Network Marketing built on scams?

Most of the time, Network Marketing is often misunderstood as being a pyramid scheme. Well to put things clear here at the start, it isn’t. Pyramid schemes are based on the money invested by others which through hope would be returned to the original investor as the amount increases with every successful investment input.

Traditionally, these pyramid schemes do not include any selling of products, where one’s investments include the exchange of funds. Since then, products are now introduced into the process but may just be used as a guise for the monetary exchange behind the scenes.

On the other hand, Network Marketing provides a genuine and lawful process where products are provided according to the demand in the market. Even though substantial sums can be made through this process, most of what is gained is through one’s own hard work. This is done by working through a legitimate process that includes products or services provided by the organization, not too dissimilar to an actual commercial business. As such, it is important to note that Bioglobe Singapore’s operations are conducted legitimately in accordance to Singapore’s Laws. (Which can be viewed here.)

Network Marketing does not follow the same path as Pyramids, whose sole purpose is built on making use other’s for their own monetary gain. In this case, Network Marketing includes helping others through your own work and efforts. This is a much more legitimate form of business that has been highly accepted throughout this industry.

As mentioned, you do not make use of those around you in order to kick start any profits, which is essentially what pyramid schemes do result in. With Network Marketing, one is able to vastly expand their reach through different means and different marketing techniques.

The whole premise of Network Marketing is not essentially a means to earn quick bucks. Although there are some that do, the benefits are down to one’s own efforts and endeavours. As such, the amount earned is based on the effort put in of their own accord and not gaining from other’s losses.

One crucial point to note about Network Marketing is the use of your time and efforts according to the other people that have been chosen to be backed. This would allow you to earn a small percentage from their own efforts, culminating and increasing exponentially based on the amount of people are represented. In layman’s terms, the more people sponsored, the more is earned.

The key is organizing one’s work efforts to maximise the time and gains received. Fragmenting your time to allocate them for different purposes, such as dedicating a time to recruit sponsors, guiding on how the process works, the products involved etc. Finally, deciding to sponsor those who you have followed your Networking processes and its subsequent steps as well.

The term “sponsor” is essentially a way to replicate your own efforts, resulting in an ever expanding collective of people. Of which, believe and similarly engage in this form of Network Marketing. That is what Bioglobe Singapore offers as part of their operations and work processes.

The best thing about Network Marketing is how it sees everyone on a level playing field. As a prospective member, one is not required to invest huge amounts of funds to get started. It is also not limited to one’s own ability, skills or qualifications. Network Marketing involves bringing people together to develop your own network (hence its name). Along with it comes with numerous benefits that is not limited to monetary profits. The meaningful relationships forged as well as the prospect of travelling and further networking are some of the best incentives from this process as well.