Show your love for your family by benefitting them with Biolytes – Singapore’s trusted water system.

Taking care of your family’s health can never be more natural. Bio Globe offers Biolytes, Singapore’s Trusted Water System. Combining science and nutrition to enhance your drinking water, benefit your family with the best source of alkaline water. Biolytes is also designed for your convenience, offering three temperatures (hot/room/cold) with the touch of a button. Biolytes is one of the most user-friendly water systems to satisfy the healthier lifestyle your family deserves.

With the built-in 4 Stage Bio Filter system, Biolytes ensures foreign substances and impurities such as dirt, chemicals and odours are thoroughly removed. Bio Globe Singapore’s Biolytes also comes with real-time UV sterilization, which eliminates 99.9% of bacteria before you consume the water. Your family can have peace of mind to drink directly from Biolytes.

The most distinct and impressive feature that sets Bio Globe’s Biolytes apart from other water systems is the enrichment of your drinking water with essential, beneficial minerals. Using patented technology to produce ionized calcium, Biolytes helps everyone at home to replenish one of the vital minerals to suit everyone’s needs.

Biolytes further converts ordinary drinking water into micro-clustered water, making it easily absorbed by your cells, giving you that thorough boost that you need for the day ahead!

Bio Globe Singapore’s assurance on providing you convenience and a healthier lifestyle is embodied through Biolyte’s instant Hot/Room/Cold feature. Make your morning coffee or your afternoon tea without the hassle of boiling water; enjoy a cup of cold water when the weather gets hot and humid; benefit your whole family effortlessly with quality alkaline water throughout the day. Even families with young children can use Biolytes with a peace of mind, with easy to use child safety locks and measures to prevent accidents and injury.

Bio Globe has accumulated positive feedbacks from happy Biolytes users all over Singapore. These are some of the rave reviews from customers:

– “Biolytes was much less a hassle and more cost-efficient than other products in the market.”

– “I can make coffee/milo any time without boiling water first.”

– “Biolytes produces good quality alkaline water, and it saves much time and effort for me too.”

– “I bring 1.5L to work every day because that is how much I prefer drinking Biolytes.”

– “…experiencing better and more regular bowel movement, just by drinking Biolytes’ water…”

– “…find that my skin is more hydrated after drinking Biolytes water…”

– “After three weeks of drinking Biolytes, my mum’s sugar level dropped significantly and maintained at an ideal of 6.0.”

– “… noticed improvements in my skin! The scars started to fade, and my open wounds started to heal…”

Bio Globe has the vision to build Singaporeans’ health with smart and convenient designs. It is a trusted provider of only the best quality products in Singapore, with Biolytes leading the way as its flagship product. Now coming in an upgraded design, taste the difference with quality, bacteria-free water, tested and proven, for our beloved family.