Bio Globe Singapore Pte Ltd is proud to announce that we have been nominated and awarded the Prestigious Singapore SME 500 Award 2019/2020!


About Bio Globe Singapore’s latest Singapore 500 SME Award

The Singapore SME 500 Award recognizes Singapore’s top and leading Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across major industries. Firms that have contributed significantly to Singapore’s GDP and businesses that have developed and managed its business effectively, honoring leading businesses that have proven its success over the years.

With stringent criteria, award winners must prove that they have displayed high potential for growth and expansion for local and global markets. Firms must possess an influential presence within Singapore, equipped with successful customer and quality management systems. Winning firms include a successful track record displaying the ability to maintain operational excellence, made a substantial impact within its industry, allowing thecompany to obtain a sustainable market position. Bio Globe Singapore has all achieved these requirements while meeting all Singapore government’s compliance and regulations.

Recognizing only the most enterprising companies that have made significant contributions to Singapore, it is now recognized that SMEs that bears the iconic SME500 trademark signifies strength, competitiveness and leadership, allowing award winners to be recognized as a leader within the industry.

We at Bio Globe Singapore are proud to be awarded this highly prestigious award and will continue to strive to serve our customers better.

Supported by the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore)

The salesperson who conducts the Direct Selling can also present their products to individuals, (i.e., 1 to 1) or towards a group. The process involves inviting prospects to a set location for proper explanation and usually product demonstration, which allows them to understand and eventually make the best decision for themselves. Consumers get to observe and eventually moved to purchase the products for their benefits. Good direct selling habits have been successfully executed and practiced by Bio Globe Singapore, which has allowed us to excel in our industry. The products being sold can also extend to businesses such as office supplies and other company necessities.

The Singapore SME 500 Award is supported by the Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) (ATC). One of Singapore’s most significant and renowned associations representing enterprises from different industries. The ATC is an organization that serves enterprises at a national level. The ATC Ensures stringent task qualities to raise and uphold professional standards and benchmark for enterprises. Bio Globe Singapore is proud to have achieved and maintained these high standards consistently to be successfully nominated and awarded this prestigious award.


Bio Globe Singapore is recognized by the Singapore 500 SME Award for 2019/2020

Bio Globe Singapore is proud to be one of the latest SMEs representing and attaining the Singapore 500 SME Award. At Bio Globe Singapore, we strive to bring only the best to our customers with our utmost dedication to quality, effective products for families in Singapore. 

As a trusted supplier for home and wellness products, along with our consistent and outstanding performances, Bio Globe Singapore has been successfully nominated and awarded this prestigious title for 2019/2020. 

Bio Globe Singapore has effectively excelled in our business sector and industry, surpassing competitors both as a brand and company year on year. Bio Globe Singapore has consistently proven to improve and reach better numbers to firmly establish ourselves as one of the leaders in our industry. This action is a testament to our constant appetite and passion for continuous growth, furthering our successes together as a family.