What is Magnetic Therapy Used For?

Alleviating Pain

For generations, Magnetic therapy has mainly been utilized as a safe and effective remedy for pain for many conditions. These include those for back, knee pains and even arthritis and migraines. For effective use of these magnets, they are usually utilized directly on the affected region of the body, for instance, the knee. This type of therapy have also encompassed acupuncture related treatments with the various acupuncture points being utilized as well.

The use of magnets have an effect on the ion channels within our bodies. The said Ions are positively or negatively charged electro chemicals that move through these “channels”. As these ions move through the channels they are able to affect pain signals, muscle contractions and several other processes which our bodies require to function.

This is in direct relation to the nerves that deliver pain signals, where the magnets would be able to effectively reduce or block them. The channels can also be affected through other means such as drugs or electrical impulses.

This form of treatment has been highly thought of due to its safe and non invasive nature. The use of magnets for this purpose brings minimal side effects whilst being able to be used for extensive periods of time, as often as needed. This treatment boasts an effectiveness of more than 90%, which all things considered is an exceptional rate.

Post Surgery/Injury Recovery

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When it comes to traditional remedies, we tend to turn towards the use of applying heat or icing to quell the pain and swelling. However with this form of treatment, their effectiveness are usually not immediate where they require time to work at its maximum capacity.

Magnet Therapy removes this disadvantage as they work the same way at even a quicker rate, all of which has been shown in results through research. These magnets have also proved to be successful in the treatment of a variety of conditions. Ranging from bruises or swelling to even stimulating the recovery of bone breakage and post surgery trauma.

The reason why magnets are so effective is due to their wider range and reach, where they are able to penetrate through muscle tissues to stimulate recovery.

Stimulating Sleep

Magnet therapy can also be utilized and applied through mattress pads, where its effectiveness can also work simultaneously while the patient is resting. These mattress pads such as those from BioGlobe’s BMag products promotes recovery and the body’s ability to heal while providing the comfort required for a good night’s sleep.

With further research conducted throughout the years spanning over 6 months to a year, it has been found that magnetic mattress pads do in fact increase user’s sleeping experience. The added benefit of therapeutic relief stimulates the hormone Melatonin, which is crucial in getting the full rest required after a long strenuous day at work.

However despite their many advantages, they may not be utilized for people with certain conditions.

These include those with:

1. Electrical Devices installed within their bodies such as:

  • Pacemakers
  • Defibrillators
  • Insulin pumps

*the presence of objects such as rods, screws or pins that have been surgically inserted due to various injuries would not be affected

2. Exposed wounds with or without bleeding present.